Our commitment to Sustainability


Welcome to Top Gear Trailers & Engineering, where quality manufacturing meets a commitment to sustainability. As a leading player in the industry, we recognise our responsibility to minimise our environmental impact while delivering exceptional products.


Lean Manufacturing


Our design team is dedicated to creating products that not only meet the needs of our customers but also have a minimal environmental impact and stay competitive in our price point. Through thoughtful design, we strive to extend the life cycle of our products, reduce waste, and promote circular economy principles. Our state-of-the-art facilities are designed to maximise energy efficiency and minimise waste. We utilise cutting-edge technology to ensure that our manufacturing processes are as economical as possible.


Waste Reduction & Recycling


From using lean workshop principles to implementing comprehensive recycling programs, we are committed to sustainable production. Recently, we partnered with a provider to handle our soft plastic recycling. Additionally, we have encouraged our suppliers to enhance their packaging practices to reduce waste at the source. We also recycle our scrap metal and cardboard, further minimising our environmental impact.


Energy Efficiency


Our workshop is equipped with a new electrical board, new electrical wiring, and LED lighting throughout the premises. Strategically positioning our large roller doors on the north-facing side allows us to bank on the warmth of the sun, particularly beneficial during winter, reducing the need for additional heating. Moreover, we actively track our water and electricity consumption, ensuring optimal efficiency and giving us a measure to improve.


Community Engagement


We believe in actively participating and contributing to the communities in which we operate. Whether it’s supporting local charities, sponsoring community events, or collaborating with schools and educational institutions, we are committed to fostering strong relationships and giving back. Our dedication to community engagement extends beyond financial contributions.


Our Staff


We are incredibly grateful for our dedicated and industrious team members who form the backbone of our organisation. We are deeply committed to providing equal opportunities for learning, upskilling, and fostering a safe working environment for all our employees, both within the workplace and beyond. Embracing diversity is a cornerstone of our company culture, and we take pride in our team’s rich tapestry of backgrounds, which includes individuals from various ethnicities such as Polish, Māori, German, and New Zealand European.